5 Activities For Couples

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Have you ever felt like everything in you needed to get away somewhere? It’s like your body just won’t rest until you do it.  For me and the Lil’ Mrs., the best prescription to remedy that situation is to load up in our Tiffin Class A RV and roll it into Buena Vista Motor Coach Resort in Orange Beach!!  Buena Vista is more than an RV Park, it is a Luxury Motor Coach Resort.  

We love walking or driving to a nearby beach access after the sun sets for an evening walk.  We also love that right outside the back of the property is Gulf State Park, with 28 miles of trails, as mentioned below.  Speaking of below, our fine friends at Gulf Shores and Orange Beach Tourism came up with these 5 activities every couple can enjoy!

How many romantic dates have you been on with your significant other and made pottery together? It may not be something you would normally do, but it’s a creative way to connect with your other half. My husband and I took a pottery class at the Coastal Arts Center in Orange Beach. They gear the class just for you, and you get one-on-one time with the resident artist as well as time to work and create your own pottery. My husband and I laughed so much and had a wonderful time making memories.

If you are looking for another out-of-the-box activity to enjoy on a romantic getaway, plan a trip to the LuLu, a sunken freighter 17 nautical miles south of Perdido Pass and Orange Beach. There are also several shore diving options that dot the Alabama Gulf Coast, including the Whiskey Wreck just off of Gulf Shores.

No need to worry about bringing a bike for this fun adventure. Bike rentals are located near the Backcountry Trails, and rental shops will also deliver. Seven trails and six different ecosystems comprise the more than 28 miles of scenery. Hike, jog or bike the trails at your own speed to discover the other side of the Alabama Gulf Coast. The best part about this activity? It’s totally free if you bring your own bike or opt for a walk rather than bike rental!

Kayaking has always been on my bucket list. I am hoping to discover it this year when my husband and I return to Gulf Shores for another romantic getaway. By all accounts, kayaking is a great way to explore all that Gulf Shores and Orange Beach has to offer. There are several places to rent your vessel from, and I imagine that sitting in a kayak watching the sunset is one of the most romantic things you’ll experience on Alabama’s beaches. You can kayak Lake Shelby, located in the Gulf State Park, the back bays and even the Gulf itself.

Experience the perfect ending to your romantic getaway by scheduling a couples massage at places like The Spa at The Beach Club or Fusion Spa in Orange Beach. The Spa offers full service spa services for singles and couples, and each session comes complete with fluffy robes, a dip in the hot tub after your massage, and all the flavored fruit water you can drink. Just the right amount of lighting makes for a very special and romantic activity. There are more options for spa treatments sprinkled throughout Gulf Shores and Orange Beach, too.

Good grief, that’s a whole lotta fun to pack into one trip!  Maybe you should book two trips!  And for me and the Lil Mrs., we love to dine out when visiting, especially now that the Klamshell Kids are full-fledged adults and off on their own.  Once those little suckers stopped eating off the Kid’s Menu, we had to dip into the 401(k) just to have a family meal!  While you’re here, be sure to discover the Gulf Coast culinary scene and ask the locals for their favorite restaurant suggestions.  And be sure to swing by Buena Vista and say hello to me and the Lil’ Mrs.  You’ll probably find us sipping a Mai Tai and floating down the Lazy River!

Kenneth Klamshell has long aspired to become a Pulitzer Prize winning author, or possibly a Nobel Prize winner in literature. Although he has never actually won any type of award for his writing, he did once receive honorable mention in a high school Rotary Club essay contest. Both Kenneth Klamshell and the Lil Mrs. can’t wait for the Klamshell Kids to spawn a bed of GrandKlamshells so they may introduce them to the RV Life, Buena Vista Motor Coach Resort, Gulf Shores and Orange Beach!