Top 5 Places to Visit in the Southeast

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Great Smoky Mountains

A favorite vacation spot for southerners and vacationers in general, the Great Smoky Mountains are home to some of the best views east of the MS river. Some of the most common places to stay when visiting are Gatlinburg, with it’s huge aquarium and world class ski trails, and Pigeon Forge, home to an American favorite, Dollywood.

Did you know?
The Smoky Mountains are some of the oldest mountains in the world, being dated between
200-300 million years old.

Arkansas Hot Springs

Hot Springs National Park is a great stop for family friendly fun. On top of the
relaxing thermal hot springs, Hot Springs is home to plenty of attractions such as amusement
parks, museums, and an awesome aquarium.

Did you know?
Hot Springs was named as the nation’s first national park in 1872.

New River Gorge

Besides being home to some of the best views for hundreds of miles, the
New River Gorge is known for its challenging whitewater rafting and amazing hiking

Did you know?
At one time this was the biggest arch type bridge in the world. To this day, locals still call it “the big bridge”.

Biltmore House on Biltmore Estate Asheville, North Carolina

Although technically in the Mid Atlantic, the Biltmore Estate is a must see when traveling through North Carolina. Biltmore House, built by George Washington, is the largest house in the United States, sitting at 178,926 sq ft. Today the property is under the ownership of the prominent Vanderbilt family.

Did you know?
It took 1000 men six years to build the house, and to expedite the speed of deliveries a private railroad was built to speed up the shipment of building materials.

Orange Beach/Gulf Shores AL

Known by most as the home to some of Alabama’s most beutiful white
sand beaches, Orange Beach/Gulf Shores is quickly becoming a hot
vacation spot for all ages. Attractions range from: Deep Sea Fishing,
to go kart racing, to championship level golf courses. And with the near
endless array of restuarants, you won’t have a problem finding some of
Alabama’s best fresh caught seafood.

Did you know?
Orange Beach and Gulf Shores beaches are made of mostly quartz particles that
were eroded and carried down from the Appalachian Mountains thousands of years

Enjoy Stunning Orange Beach Alabama in Style!

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